Need Of Survey

The commonest mistake made by Land buyers is not having a survey done prior to purchasing a property which may result in disputes regarding area or location, improper planning etc.
1- It is vary essential to know the exact area and dimensions of the land Prior to purchasing land to insure what you are buying.
2- Level and contours are needed to design services such as Road, Sewage Disposal System, Water Supply System etc.
3- To verify amount of construction on land.
4- To obtain existing features and their position such as roads, electrical lines, Electric poles, Towers, Water or Sanitary features etc.
5- To divide land into parts before selling it.

Fectors Affecting Cost of Survey

Costs for a survey from a Professional Land Surveyor is very little with respect to the cost of Land and the importance of their job and is cheaper than you may think.
It depends upon :-
1- Type of survey required.
2- Amount of Land to be surveyed.
3- Existing terrain and land condition.
4- Amount of information supplied by owner.
5- Surveyor's knowledge of the area.

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